I write a column every Monday for Queensland’s Courier-Mail on the Viewpoint page. You could say I’m an accidental journalist. I hope you enjoy reading a few of my pieces.

2014 columns

20 Jan …undies

27 Jan

10 Feb





25 June Lone voice against TV blood sport

18 June Apt names pause to ponder fate

11 June Time for rebooting Mr Perfect

28 May A holy day for the dry and mighty

21 May There’s little respite in a big world

14 May Tea calms brewing troubles

7 May   Mums job to embrace perfection

23 April DIY service has become another chore

16 April Dull debate all too hard to believe

9 April An ovation for the ova we all love

2 April Public signs punctuate poor writing

26 March Dad’s fight sends poor message

19 March  Jolly good fun biking with pals

27 February Cafe din an assault on coffee talk

20 Feb Books, a far far better thing to do

13 Feb Valentine’s turns the full circle

6 Feb Home is where the office is

30 Jan Tricks to debugging your world

23 Jan Cyclones lay waste to our heroes


My relationship with the iphone

Me and housework

Cruel shoes

Sign language

Password fatigue


You can find more of my columns here


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  1. I am a new reader of your column and as someone who turns 60 this year I had a chuckle at your column in today’s Courier Mail. Having found you I looked over some earlier work. Your article on punctuation reminded me of something my daughter taught me years ago. Before punctuation – “A woman without her man is nothing”. After punctuation – “A woman, without her, man is nothing.” What a difference two strokes of a pen can make.



  2. Sue, I enjoyed yesterday’s article “Public signs punctuate poor writing”. I looked hard to find any punctuation mistakes in it, but could not. However, I did find a grammatical error. Near the end of paragraph four you write, “It’s one of the things (apart from our addiction to reality television and beer-battered chips) that sets we splendid vertebrates apart from apes.” I believe the correct grammar is “… that sets us splendid vertebrates apart from apes” (the object of the verb “sets”). Notwithstanding this tiny blemish, such an entertaining piece of writing merits high acclaim.

  3. Thanks Beth. I’ve been very resistant to both getting my website up and functioning as well as completing the laundry. Have I turned the corner? Who knows?

  4. Love your new page Sue. Looks great & easy to use. Looks like you’ve had fun revamping. And just by the way, what IS in the bottom of your laundry basket??

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