I’m a singer songwriter with a folk and jazz background.

Some of you may have heard my band The Unsung Heroes  performing at the old Mad Ass Acoustic Club at the Muddy Farmer Hotel in Annerley. We’re on sabbatical at the moment but I’m still performing solo and with friends.

If you like interesting (local) acoustic music, head along to The Bug, New Farm Bowls Club (Brunswick Street) on a Tuesday night. Great food. Great music. Good people.

And if you’d like to see some real original folkies in their native habitat, you’ll find a few milling around with guitars, strange hats, beards and vests (if you think that’s odd, you should see the blokes) at the Red Hill Sports Club (near the Broncos) in Fulcher Road,  Red Hill each Wednesday night. No food, but plenty of cool drinks and little candles on the tables. See what’s on in the  Brisbane folk scene.

For more information on my music go to my Myspace or contact me for gigs on: s.wighton[A]optusnet.com.au

Here’s one of my  original songs (it’s me and my daughter Katie singing).


This track is   from my Unsung Heroes album: Sparkes Hill

For Love

If you’d like to be on my email list telling you about upcoming performances, just send me a comment or an email.


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